Applying for Grants

Grant making is one of the many ways Muskoka Community Foundation supports our community.
The Foundation has the following granting opportunities that eligible recipients can apply to for funding:

Spirit of Wasan Island Grants

Inspired and excited by the Wasan Island symposium held in September 2014 and summarized in the Muskoka Community Foundation document ‘Building a Smart and Caring Muskoka’ , Muskoka Community Foundation (MCF) initiated an innovative granting approach. This granting opportunity was intended to extend the spirit and energy of the Wasan Island symposium into tangible action that would have immediate impact in Muskoka and result in a high visibility project or projects being undertaken by a collaborative group of charities and other organizations.

In 2015, Muskoka Community Foundation awarded Spirit of Wasan Island Grants for the first time.

Smart & Caring Muskoka Fund

Our Smart & Caring Muskoka Fund is an unrestricted community development fund, allowing us to grant to a wide range of registered charitable organizations in our community. We use this fund to help local charities create opportunities to improve Muskoka and collaborate with our community partners to tackle our region’s most pressing issues.

Every August the Muskoka Community Foundation’s Board of Directors sets the granting priority for the fund to address the current concerns. Grants are awarded each November during National Philanthropy Week.

Click here to apply for a grant from the Smart & Caring Muskoka Fund.



Dara’s Women into Sport Fund

This unique Fund was created by Olympic Gold Medalist Dara Howell to build a legacy, as well as provide resources and opportunities for Muskoka’s female athletes who excel in any sport to pursue their dreams of competing at a higher level.

Funding can be used for:

  • Coaching fees
  • Team fees
  • Travel expenses
  • Equipment

Click HERE to apply for a grant from the Dara’s Women into Sport Fund