Council of 50

Join the Council of 50

MCF invites you to support our important role in building a smart and caring Muskoka by becoming a member of the Council of 50.

As a leader in the Council of 50, your annual commitment of $500 will make it possible for the Foundation to continue to build a culture of philanthropy and support the work of Muskoka charities. Your donation will support MCF in managing, investing and distributing investment income from our diversified pool of funds. These funds include Dara’s Fund, started by Olympic gold medallist Dara Howell, and the long-standing Stan Darling Environmental Education Fund.

MCF’s target for 2015-16 is to distribute more than $100,000 in donations, grants and bursaries to fulfil our vision of a smart and caring Muskoka – one that is healthy and vital.

Please make your charitable donation cheque payable to Muskoka Community Foundation in the amount of $500 and join other thoughtful Muskoka leaders. Your investment will be used wisely to make Muskoka smart and caring.

Thank You To Our Donors

  • Evelyn Archibald
  • Daniel Bradbury
  • Cheryl & Randy Cooper
  • John & Maggie Cowan
  • John & Liz Curran
  • Gord Durnan
  • Marg & Randy French
  • Jodi Holder
  • Carol & Steve Howorucha
  • John Klinck & Barbara Ann Chidiac
  • Steve & Linda Lowden
  • Brock & Willa Napier
  • Harry Oswin & Sharlyn White
  • Paul Davis Systems (Brent MacDonald)
  • Howard & Diane Taylor
  • Ian & Dianne Turnbull
  • Barry Wansbrough & Michaele Robertson
  • Scott Young
  • Church of the Kettles