Why choose Muskoka Community Foundation?

  1. We Have Deep Roots in Muskoka
    Muskoka Community Foundation was established for Muskoka by local volunteers. We have deep roots in our community because we are an integral part of it. Our Board consists of a dedicated group of volunteers who care about how and what happens where we live: just like you.
  2. We Work with You to Help You Realize Your Philanthropic Goals
    We help you support the causes you care about so you can have a lasting impact on your community. You choose the type of fund you want and your level of involvement in grant-making. We collaborate with local charities and community leaders in the public and private sector to identify current priorities to help you make informed granting decisions, and your philanthropic vision a reality.
  3. We Grant with Impact
    We take a broad and inclusive view of what a community is and provide grants to the widest possible range of organizations and initiatives. Our funds are invested with the Toronto Foundation to take advantage of the rates of return generated by their investment committee who manage their large pool of funds. The earned income is granted back to the community to respond to the needs of Muskokans today, and for generations to come.
  4. We Nurture Community Vitality
    We go beyond granting to bring the entire community together to stimulate new ideas, build participation and strengthen philanthropy to create a smart and caring Muskoka. We build capacity by hosting educational workshops and community conversations to identify areas of concern and lead the way to facilitate change.
  5. We Provide Personal and Flexible Service
    We work with you to find the right type of fund to meet your financial situation. Donors can claim credits to a maximum of 75% of their net income, and any excess can be claimed in any of the next five years; capital gains tax is eliminated, which translates into an immediate tax savings for most gifts of private company shares.